Monday, 19 August 2013

Sock Cat Workshop!!

I am doing a How to Make a Sock Cat workshop at the Barbican (it's a humongous theatre and arts complex in the City of London) with Trade School as part of Hack the Barbican.  It's this Thursday at 6.30.

It's quite an event with creative types from all backgrounds and art types doing performances, interactive installations and workshops.  Trade School is a pretty amazing idea.  It's an organisation that aims to share skills and learning through a barter system rather than a money lead one.

This is what they say about themselves.

"Trade School is an open learning space that runs on barter. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Pay for class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice) that your teacher requests."

If you want to come to the workshop or know someone who might you can sign up on the Trade School website, here.

If you are not able to come to the workshop but would love to make a Sock Cat, you can find my tutorial here.


  1. Oh Sara Beth these are so cool! That Trade School sounds like such a good idea - wish I could come along....
    Hey - I'm doing weekly posts on upcycling various clothing items. When I come to socks - can I include your sock cat tutorial - with one photo and a link?
    Have fun at the Barbican!

  2. So cute!! I have to show my sister. Too cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.


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